“Equinox” (March 2014)

(Equinox marks the first day of spring, the transition point between two seasons. The sun crosses the equator, and day and night are of approximately equal length everywhere on Earth.)

hibernating sun,
ascending now before us
awakening our frozen-over hearts

hanging in the balance
daylight dueling darkness
welcoming the world to Equinox

flowers now unfolding
their petals tell our story;
they bloom into the colors of our love

a gentle breeze caresses
and whispers to our hearts
the melodies of what we will become

held by this horizon
are such celestial secrets
still, i hear it singing out our names

beckoning us onward
and guiding us through love,
the frozen fears of winter melt away

traversing peaks and valleys,
these ever-changing seasons
are bound to bring us storms we haven’t known

but i forecast a constant,
fighting always to emerge:
a ray of joy illuminating hope

a radiating warmth
as we journey onward yet,
our hands as intertwined now as our hearts

searching in your eyes
and finding reason to believe
that we remain together, near or far

such art i find in you:
your passion paints a story
the echoes of your soul evoke a song

i find myself enamored
by the beauty i’m beholding,
the mesmerizing moon dances along

hibernating Son
ascending now before us
to somewhere far beyond this hemisphere

lifting up our faces,
the shadows fall behind
the darkness is defeated - spring is here.

Tyné Freeman