“Walls” (February 2014)

emerged, i find myself
blinking in brilliant sunlight
drinking in this wave - illumination
flooding over me
rushing even to the corners
filling in all darkness
banishing it completely

i look down and startle:
dazzling colors, blazing brightly
embroidering my wings
i wonder just how He managed
to evoke such intricate melodies
to print this spectrum of His Love
and why I am graced to carry - even behold

secure in silk cocoon
‘til Time arrives to awaken
that which has waited patiently
sometimes painfully
such anticipation, tender preparation
and then, all at once:

the world trembles
my heart trembles
delicate, though caged
tallying moments between moments
then comes this hybrid, this flower-bird
enchanted, graced, winged
a dream world entered

likewise through wilderness we came
bewilderment and shame
yet - blooming even from the depths
yet - rising even from the ashes
we now come into what was promised
we now take up these wings
and fly

i could split a second
into seven equal parts,
or maybe stretch a century
right to the tips of this eternity
would it make a difference?
still we’d find ourselves
led straight to now

yes now - walls quake
our anthem resounds
finally they tumble
silk unravels & reveals such riches
this promised land -
this promised Love
so new, yet so known
filling in all darkness
banishing it completely
though all has been shaken
and my soul trembles yet,
i will trust that the world ends not:
it only just begins.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” (Richard Bach)


Tyné Freeman