Tyné is a vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 with a degree in music. Tyné has released four independent records, and has toured in the U.S. and internationally. She was a YoungArts national winner, as well as a selected performer in the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage Series. Her most recent album, Bridges, was a finalist in the 2018 Independent Music Awards.

Tyné has been featured in Seventeen MagazineUrban Cusp, and Twist Magazine. She is a two-time alum of the Recording Academy's Grammy Camp, and is currently a Voting Member of the Academy. Tyné was the keynote performer at the Thiel Foundation's Silicon Valley Summit in 2013, and TEDxColumbia in 2015. She is also a contributing author in several publications, including 2 Billion Under 20 (2015), and The Power of Youth (2017).

While at Dartmouth, Tyné worked under ethnomusicologist Theodore Levin, and authored an ethnography exploring intercultural music collaboration. The College has awarded her work numerous honors, including the Lorna C. Hill Award, the Eugene Roitman Memorial Award, and the Eric Kunich Arts Award. She recently completed a master’s degree at Dartmouth, and is preparing to record a new full album, to be released in 2020.


My music is driven by a desire to rise: to discover hope in tribulation, transform suffering into creativity. I draw upon the myriad traditions that have made me, a deep well of improvisation and creative resilience. This spirit is rooted in the African continent, traversing the Atlantic, winding through the Caribbean, moving across the Americas. 

I want to do work that amplifies the unheard, shedding light especially on those who have historically been silenced or marginalized. My song is always love, always truth, always justice. Music has been critical in freedom struggles across geographies and generations. In this vein, I strive to engage pertinent contemporary issues with an ethic of reconciliation and transcendent hope. 

Through art, I am also continually exploring my own identity -- what it means in this moment to be a Black woman, a creator, an Afro-Caribbean-American. Some of my primary interests include intercultural collaboration, music of the African continent and diaspora, improvisation, and musical repatriation. 

My art is aspirational, creating a space for joy and healing, pushing back against nihilism and vengeance. Music has helped me discover the courage to challenge myself, to love myself, to love. My hope is that I can likewise inspire another.

artist • student • traveler • believer • instrumentalist • writer