Progress (poem)

“Progrès” (February 2014)

learning to treasure
summer, winter, fall, spring
to find the jewel of each,
so carefully tucked away,
precious & essential,
containing such mystery and meaning
to ask God:
“what is it you will have me learn
"what is it you will show me this time?
for time is a teacher;
I am a student of the seasons -
there is Love to learn.

nous sommes accueillis doucement
par le feuillage d’automne
ensuite, l’hiver cache le soleil
printemps ouvre nos cœurs
ensuite, la chaleur de l’été 
est une toile que je peins sur.

(we are gently greeted
by the foliage of fall
then, winter hides the sun
spring opens our hearts
then, the heat of summer
is a canvas I paint on.)

Tyné Freeman